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At our workshop on Innovation policy in Brussels last October, the keynote by Wim De Waele was illuminating and thought provoking, even more than usual.

One of the most stimulating observation was that EU startups lack the “platform thinking”.

What does this mean? I try here to spell out some ideas, very rough and unstructured.

In my opinion, platform thinking means basically that you don’t try to maximize value on the short term by capturing 100% of the revenues/benefits/market share. You rather try to enable more business to create value out of your business, driving to mutual benefits. You try to design your market strategy in a way that it makes the pie bigger, not just to capture a greater share of the pie. You renounce to some short term gains in view of long term ones. You avoid pursuing a purely vertical integration strategy.

Is this the meaning of “platform thinking”?

And is it true that EU startups don’t have this?