I have long thought about “augmenting” my sketch through ICT. I often need to write on a paper a model, a structure, a framework, to share it with partners.
I have used different way to do it, trying to move away from the traditional “back of the napkin” model.
– I often use powerpoint to draw sketches
– I was tempted to buy the iPad just to use some sketching apps
Yet I realized that the solution was easier than I thought. I should simply draw on a sheet of paper, and then make a foto in order to share. Obviously this works only for first draft to use in discussions, not for the final publication.

I always have my mobile with me, and this is a powerful way to use ICT not to substitute existing processes (e.g. paper drawing) but to augment its impact by sharing it. I think it’s a good metaphor of the “2.0 / augmenting” cultural stream in computer science.