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October 2009

Endorse the open declaration

Draft declaration published – and to be presented in Malmo!!!

As planned, we prepared a draft declaration trying to summarize all the good ideas submitted in a short and readable text. Obivously we had to sacrifice some points for making it short and to the point, but we hope that it is good enough.

It is now your time to provide feedback and input. We published the declaration on a specific page: please provide comments and input to make it better! Furthermore, if you have specific suggestion that you want to include, you can directly edit the supporting document which contains all the most important policy recommendations we received!

The second great news, it that we have been accepted for presenting the declaration officially at the ministerial conference. This was our main goal and it is a great achievement, due mainly to the high level of participation that we achieved in the different phases. So thank to you for supporting us. And thank to the European Commission and to the Swedish presidency for being so open-minded. This is a promising sign for the future of public services in Europe.

Please share your views on the Open Declaration. We have a chance to really make a difference!


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