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November 2014

our webinar on #BigData market in Europe, today 2pm

As part of our study on EU data market, today we’re hosting a webinar today. IDC will present key data points on the EU data market (the macro perspective), then 2 EU startups will present themselves (the micro perspective).

You can still register here.

A single interface for Google and Twitter and Kindle? #canwehaveitplease

Today I was looking for evidence on the impact of open data on corruption. I tried google and google scholar, without much success. Next steps will be Quora and Twitter, maybe Diigo. Once I find something, I read it and look for links/references.

Can we have an integrated interface or workflow to do this? So that automatically what I type in Google becomes a question in Quora or Twitter, then highlights the same words in a text I am reading.

More broadly, it’s a pity that we split these information requests. If it was integrated, the flow that I follow would then become a path that could help further searches.

we need an internet of things for documents

The IoT is expected to bridge the digital and real world.

Unfortunately we still miss the tools to bridge the web with the documents world.

Some text are good for the web: they need to be short and snappy; others are good for reading as a document: they are typically long and deep.

There’s little in between. If I have a good paper or book, there is no way to interact with it; to re-publish; to discuss.

I am a big fan of in-line commentable documents (see this), but we have to be honest: it just doesn’t work, does not get traction.

The solution lies probably in e-books and reader, but they are still far from achieving this.

a twitter conversation about #innovation funding with @alberto_cottica and @tito_bianchi

I had this interesting exchange on twitter, which I post here to archive it, to share it, and reflect on it. It is very relevant for our studies on “Evaluation of FP7 ICT“, “Kublai evaluation” and “Alternative funding for innovation“.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.16.52

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.17.23

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.17.30

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