As I mentioned some time ago, this is the year of Policy-Making 2.0, both in research and practice. With this term, we mean open discussions, crowdsourcing policy, open data, visualisation, serious gaming, modeling and simulation.

On the practice side, I have been running the online engagement of the Digital Agenda for Europe, as you can see here and here.

On the research side, we’ve been busy producing the Research Roadmap for ICT for Governance and Policy Modeling in the Crossover project. This roadmap describes the main research trajectories in the domain of “policy-making 2.0”, and ties them up in the policy-making 2.0 model below.

I am proud to announce we just published the first version of the Roadmap. It contains a description of the current best practices in each domain, and future research challenges. The key concept is that we are seeing fast progress across many policy 2.0 areas. Social media analytics and opinion mining, collaborative tools for brainstorming and drafting documents, gamification applied to collective behaviour, crowdsourcing tools, not so speak about visualisation and open data.

It is freely available in commentable format here.

You can DOWNLOAD THE FULL ROADMAP as .pdf here – after answering a 3 minutes survey on the needs of policy-makers.

Please answer the survey and provide feedback on the roadmap! and feel free to comment here.