Sin títuloIn the context of my analysis of online policy observatories, an interesting example is the Go-SPIN (Global Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Instruments) project by UNESCO, which aims to provide the following information services:

  • STI policies;
  • operational STI policy instruments; STI legal frameworks;
  • STI national systems: organizational charts and STI priorities;
  • a data analysis software managing more than 300 temporal series of indicators: economic, social, educational, industrial, scientific, technological, on innovation, infrastructure, ICTs, etc;
  • a database listing organizations that provide technical and financial co-operation on STI issues;
  • a web-semantic-text mining multilingual tool with different applications for selecting STI strategic priorities.;
  • a digital library with more than 900 UNESCO documents on STI policies.

I am particularly interested in the semantic text mining tool, which however is yet to be completed. Do you know any other policy observatory using semantic technologies?