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November 2009

Italy is stuck in 9-11 mentality when it comes to Internet

I already wrote about how Italy is worsening its delay on Internet take-up by forcing users to authenticate before using any wireless network. It is much more difficult than in other countries in Italy to find a cafe with wifi. Cafes should ask people the ID card and register them before giving them the wifi password. Andrea di Maio blogged on this as well.
The Pisanu law was made in the aftermath of 9-11 as a way to track down possible terrorist activities. Italy was the only country to have such a law and the most unbelievable thing is that it has been renovated every year since then.
This is why I joined the facebook group fighting against this (hat tip alberto cottica).

so long… catching up with the blog

Due to the intense activities for the Open Declaration, I had to leave the blog sleeping for a while. But many things happened recently which I would like to blog about in forthcoming entries:
– presented in Malmo: my write-up and videos available here
– spoke at pdf-europe: audio file available here
– published the report of the workshop on public services 2.0: available here
– book State of the eUnion came out where my paper is featured together with Tim O’Reilly, Lessig, Weinberger… (wow!) – free download
– moderated the Create round table on creative policies in Europe

Sorry for self-promotion. I sometimes use the blog to keep track of myself!

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