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October 2016

Why isn’t there an easy way to do this? #wouldntitbeniceif

I want to be able to draw immediately a pie chart of the structure of a word document. Ideally, in a dynamic way that allows me to click on a section and have it expanded. I had to make my own calculations in excel to do it.


New report: the European #Crowdfunding market is loosing ground – with or without the UK

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In the context of our crowdfunding study, I am reading the recent market study on European Alternative Finance by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance.

The overall data are surprising, in a negative sense. As you can see in the chart, Europe is now lagging far behind America and Asia.

  • The European market at 5.43 bn EUR is much smaller that the Americas (33.58bn) and the Asian (94.61bn).
  • It is growing more slowly (+92% against +248% and +366% respectively).
  • The pace of European growth is decreasing (+151% in 2014, 92% in 2015) while others are accelerating.
  • Even considering only the market leader in each continent, the UK grew much slower than the US and China.

I know that it is not correct to put in the same bucket North and South America, Asia and Pacific, but that’s the way it is in the report. And in any case, it does not change the story.

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