In 2007, I was trying to explain the benefit of government 2.0 to my former boss. She was telling me that her greatest problem was to have her staff understanding what mattered to her, and act accordingly.

I tentatively pointed out that this was what government 2.0 was about. Through social bookmarking and internal blogging, it was possible to immediately show to the staff what the boss was interested upon, what she was reading and highlighting bookmarking, what stories she was telling. This would help “syncing” the wavelengths of the different people working together. All this, I must say, was heavily influenced by the teachings of my friend Lee Bryant about social software.

Well, it turned out social bookmarking and internal blogging didn’t really gathered momentum.

However, that is precisely the mechanism I see now with Twitter. Now that executives start tweeting, it is possible for their staff to immediately detect what is important to them, what they like. I am sure people look at what their boss is tweeting to understand his thinking.

I know I look curiously at what my clients tweet in order to understand their thinking.

It would be good to do some proper evaluation about whether Twitter helps “syncing the wavelength” between people at different hierarchical levels – and what is the benefit of this on the bottom line.