The website aims to monitor the progress of the Digital Agenda for Europe. It presents through a dashboard the progress in the implementation of each action by each Member State. The data are uploaded directly by the Member States, which have to provide yes/no answer and the evidence to back up the statements. Based on the percentage of yes/no answer, and on the relative timing of the action, different colors are assigned.

This is certainly an appealing way to present complex topics in a single policy dashboard. It is also interesting that data is provided directly by stakeholders. However, this refers to a set of specific actions under a common strategic framework, rather than to different uncoordinated policy issues.

The European Employment observatory allows people guarantees the “provision of information, comparative research and evaluation on employment policies and labour market trends in 33 countries.”

It allows to search, browse by theme and year and country, existing pieces of content produced ad hoc by the Observatory.

The Innovation policy platform is a project by the World Bank and the OECD. It allows users to browse innovation policy themes and statistics on a country basis.

The search / browse facility allows to identify ad hoc summary and relevant existing reports, through their content management system.