XBRL is the standard language for business financial reporting. It is increasingly used by business in dealing with government, indeed it is mandatory in some contexts.
As said before, nowadays feedback on public services is dispersed in different websites. As a result, the impact of this feedback is reduced, as government and interested parties are forced to check many different websites, and struggle to actually find the feedback. Users are disencouraged to provide feedback, as they don’t know where to post it. A clear example is feedback on health services in the UK, which you can post on NHS choices and PatientOpinion, as well as of course your blog or on facebook or anywhere.
The solution is not a unique website or a portal. The solution is to make this feedback machine readable, findable and interoperable so that it can be found and re-aggregated as necessary.
How to do that? I am no expert on this, but I think something like XPFL (eXtensivePublicserviceFeedbackLanguage ? ) or microformats could be used. Does this make any sense?

 Of course, this kind of standards emerge when there is a market demand for it. And despite the current surge in interest on citizens’ feedback, it’s difficult to say if this could work. Worth a try?


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