big data sharing

A minority of EU companies use big data: only 6,3% according to our IDC/Open Evidence report on the data market.

According to BCG, companies tend to use their data internally, without sharing them with third parties:

The majority of organizations we surveyed prefer to have control over the development of new products and services. They frequently contract with third parties to help speed development, but full-fledged partnerships or alliances are still a relatively uncommon arrangement.

But according to experts, companies should learn to share their data.

the Data Economy refers to much more than any one enterprise or organization making better use of data. Discreet use cases and applications of Big Data must be part of a larger whole. In the Data Economy, entire industries will operate and markets function all through the intelligent use and sharing of data.

This does not mean necessarily sharing data openly, but normally through APIs. However, the OECD goes further into this, and suggest exploring a “data commons”.

Non-discriminatory access regimes, including data commons or open access regimes, should be explored, as a means to support the production of public and social goods without requiring governments or businesses to pick winners (either users or applications).

So my question is: do we have evidence that companies should learn to share more their data? What are we missing out because of this lack of sharing?