This is a “off the top of my mind” post. Don’t expect anything useful.

There’s lots of talk about the need for emergent structures as opposed to ex-ante planning. About the death of traditional planning, the illusion of control, unpredictability and the role of black swans.

But in my daily worklife, I see planning becoming more, not less important.

Professional project management practices is becoming more, not less, important. It is percolating into more and more areas. Project management is a more important skill in the workforce, across sectors.

Great, modern startups and organisations are super professional in the way they manage projects. They always use templates and structured processes.

True, management is changing, becoming more flexible and less imposing (read: from MS Office to Asana). But scale matters more than ever, and you can’t scale without structured processes.

To sum up: it’s true that we moved from MS Project to Asana. Despite or because of that, project management is more pervasive and mainstreamed than ever.