In the context of a project for the European Commission, we’re organising an event in collaboration with ForumPA  (the biggest e-gov fair in Italy) in Rome in a week or so.

The goal is to build on the policy recommendations that we developed with stakeholders at the last workshop in Brussels. How does open government help us to untangle new opportunities for growth?

The key issues to be addressed cover:

  • Governance, policy and strategy: e.g. how to avoid fragmentation and ensure long-term innovation?
  • Cultural change and uptake: e.g. how to establish trust between government and business?
  • Implementation, standards and technology: e.g. how to ensure integration within the publis sector and with third party service provider?
  • Feedback and service re-design: e.g. how to channel it in the institutional process to stimulate innovation and high-quality service delivery?

The work will be opened by the European Commission. We’re then having some of my favourite initiatives coming there to speak:

  • – the Greek government Diavgeia initiative
  • – Barcelona Smart City
  • – Helsinki CitySDK
  • – Network analysis built on OpenCoesione data
  • – the Bulgarian Single Point of Contact for business
  • – the Wheresmyvillo Belgian initiative to monitor public-private partnership

The workshop will be highly interactive, alternating cases studies with policy discussion.We will also use the app to vote, helped by its developer who will participate to the workshop.

At the end, we should come up with hands on recommendations for the next European Commission on how to stimulate growth through openness!