My final presentation at #okioconf14 is embedded above and downloadable here. Finally it became quite different from what I originally planned. Some new concepts, different from previous speeches, are:

  • openness in both science and government share common drivers, impacts and barriers
  • openness should not be a dogma but a strategy, it should be finely adapted to pursue specific goals: for instance, co-creation does not work.
  • but openness is also a goal in itself, a value necessary to both democracy and science. Science is reproducible or is not science.
  • one key question we must address is: is open government just for young, rich, cultivated people? is it beneficiary mainly to the elite? We must work urgently to answer this question.
  • overall, we have achieved lots but have promised more, and we are just waiting for a “bubble burst” of inflated expectations of open government.