In a little more than a week, on february 6th, we’re hosting a seminar in Brussels which I particularly look forward to.

The basic question is how can e-government services support business growth, going beyond the traditional view of “cutting red tape”. It is superfluous to mention how important it is today to promote growth in Europe.

Our goal (in the context of a contract for the EC) is to identify the key lessons learnt from existing practice, and to understand what are the bottlenecks to be addressed.

To do so, we invited some of the most inspiring initiatives in Europe:

  • Jaana Lappi (Ministerial Advisor) and Benita Troberg (Project manager) from the Ministry of Employment and Economy (FINLAND) – for the case Enterprise Finland
  • Mihkel Tikk from the Department of State (ESTONIA) – for the case of the portal
  • Helle Schade-Sørensen from the Danish Agency for Digitisation (DENMARK) – for the case Nem Handel
  • Lidio Viérin and Guido Piovano, representatives from the single contact point for the Region Valle d’Aosta (ITALY)
  • Giulio Aimeri (Forum P.A.) for an overview of Italian best practices
  • Sergio Jerez, Municipality of Barcelona, on the joint strategy of open data for business startups
  • Stefan Fittner, project manager of the Business Service Portal (Austria)

The seminar is designed for maximum interaction, with input expected from all participants, not only for speakers. We have post-it session, live voting sessions, and we will develop together key policy recommendations for the EC.

Participation is free, on a first come first served basis. Register HERE.