I have been interested in questions and answers for some time now (see this previous post). I believe it’s one of the most effective ways to engage in meaningful conversations. I like quora, and look forward to playing with

At the recent workshop we held on ICT and entrepreneurship we experimented with a new questions and answers app, instavi.be . It’s smooth and lightweight: no need to install anything, plus it recognizes automatically the location and presents the questions relevant to the meeting.

The answers are displayed in real-time, and anyone can see it. It just works.

I’m interested into such tools for two reasons:

  • their success depends on the capacity to pose the right questions. And I think the skill to asking the right questions is crucial, and we should develop a micro-theory about this.
  • they are a clear example of “augmenting technology”. They don’t try to replace humans or face-to-face meetings, but they augment them by creating a powerful back-channel.