In preparation of the Crossover conference on Policy-Making 2.0, to set the tune, I start interviewing some of the speakers about their perspective on the future of policy-making. Here’s my first interview with social networks research hacker Alberto Cottica.

Soem background: policy-making 2.0 has become the central topic of my work in recent years, both in research and practice.

As Crossover project, together with OpenPolicy and UNDP, we’re organizing the first conference on Policy-Making 2.0 in Dublin, on June 17th-18th.

This is, for me, the natural prosecution of the Public Services 2.0 workshop which we organised with Dominic Campbell and Lee Bryant in 2009 (full report here).

We want to establish policy-making 2.0 as a proper research and practice domain, which encompasses part of the e-Democracy and traditional economic modeling. These are tools to improve the quality of policy-making based on simulation, modeling, visualisation, opinion mining, open data and more (see here for a full description).


We’re gathering an impressive list of speakers that will shed light on the different aspects, on the opportunities and challenges.

On top of that, we’re launching the first “Policy Making 2.0 prize“, where a high profile jury will identify the best applications for policy making. And we’re publishing the Research Roadmap which is currently commentable here (yes, it’s the same software of

Registration is open and free here.