I was recently asked by Tony Lockett about good books on Government 2.0, as a follow up to our State of the eUnion book.

The first consideration is that books are not the best source for such a recent and evolving trend.

There are some good and famous books, such as: Wiki Government by Beth Noveck; O’Reilly’s book which is open to feedback here.

But in reality, the best books I can think of are only loosely related to government 2.0: they address some of its foundations and theoretical underpinning.

In this sense, I would rather recommend some old classics:

Toqueville’s Democracy in America

Titmuss, Richard, The Gift Relationship: From Human Blood to Social Policy (1970).

Salamon, L.M. & Anheier, H.K., 1996. The Emerging Nonprofit Sector: An Overview (Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Sector Series, 1), Manchester Univ Pr.

Finally, the most illuminating report on government 2.0 for me remains The Power of Information.