Managing my network of contacts, finding the right people to involve in projects is a key activity in my job.

Yet when I have to create a committee, list of experts, I simply create a new list on gDoc spreadsheet, and start filling it.

I decided to adopt the web/tagging/link approach instead.

Have a unique list of contacts and add tags to them based on the expertise. Not on a systematic basis, but starting from present need. I need to create a list of “innovation players 2.0”, and I will just start adding names in my address book and tagging them.

For the moment I will do it using groups in my Mac address book, but I should use instead a web-based contact management tool such as Gist. But I havent fully grasped it.

Obviously, the most powerful thing would be when my contact tags interact with my tags on evernote, my tags on diigo, on asana…

So that by clicking one tag on my Operative System (rather than one directory), I have all my projects, contacts, references, bookmarks, task…

How do you manage your contacts?