In these times of innovative, cool and non-monetizeable web 2.0 companies, I was impressed by using

The idea is simple: they have a standard report to assess your skills, strengths and weaknesses.

You allow them to send the survey to your Linkedin network. It’s free but if you want to see the results of the survey you need to pay 100$ (in theory for a year of services but I doubt I will re-use it).

So I did: after all, it’s free just as any other web tool these days.

Then the answers started to come in. More than 80 of my contacts took the survey in one week and expressed their opinion about me.

Obviously, I couldn’t resist. I HAD to buy the report. As I tweeted some time ago, vanity is the most powerful driver of human behaviour.

Comparison with others (for both envy and vanity) is certainly the most powerful and basic force. Almost irresistible.

So here is the great idea. Pick a standardised and very traditional report questionnaire. Make it social , let your contacts fill the questionnaire. Resell the answers to you at a premium. And people will just pay, driven by the animal forces of vanity. 

Pure genius. Just imagine linkedin has 200 milion members. If 0,1 % of the members take the survey (not an unreasonable assumption, 0,6% of my contacts did in just one month) , this is 200K people, this makes 20 Million dollars revenues. With a very basic questionnaire, with no need for human intervention. What a difference “social” makes!

Anyway, beside this, I found the report quite useful in order to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and my career prospects seem very positive.

But I would like to put the results in perspective. Maybe people just answer positively to such surveys. I would like to have some kind of comparison/benchmarking tool, telling me how I score compared with my contacts, and which contacts have similar scores to me. Maybe will sell me such services at premium rate 🙂

In any case, here are my basic data:

87 answers in one week

Main area to be improved: listening to others

Net Promoter Score: 78 (3 points short of “Great: Most people see you so favorably that they will help advance your career with glowing recommendations, introductions and connections.”)

My company prospects: 8,4 out of 10 (“Great”)

My personal prospects: 8,7 out of 10 (“Great”)

It would be great if anyone having used the service could report on their results, for comparisons’ sake.