Does Europe need an “Europe Competes” Act?

I’ve been interested for quite some time in inducement prizes and organized a few (1, 2). I’ve previously analyzed the US government platform, called , which enables the organisation of competition by any federal agencies.

To encourage the organisation of prizes, the Obama administration has promulgated the America Competes Act to simplify and streamline the organisation of challenges by government, and to allow any agencies (previously only DARPA and few others could) to organize such challenges.

I wonder whether in Europe there are similar barriers to the large scale adoption of prizes as innovation policy measure. For instance, I know that in Italy there are specific burocratic obstacles to the organisation.

Do we need a “Europe Competes” Act, and why?


Does Europe need an “Europe Competes” Act?

One thought on “Does Europe need an “Europe Competes” Act?

  1. Hi David,

    Great question. I think there is a real need for a Europe Competes Act. Most importantly, the America Competes Act enables and encourages all government agencies to run prize competitions. While is a good platform, I think the legal ability and the formal encouragement is the crucial feature, and one that should be repeated in Europe.

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