In the context of the study which we will present at the workshop (Brussels October 27th), we did a survey of developers.

This survey received so far few answers (only 17) and is still open, but the early results are insightful.

82% of civic hackers do it voluntarily, without financial rewards or funding. Only one receives government funding. However this is possible because their costs are in 80% of the cases below 1000 Euros per year.

In terms of drivers, 90% are motivated by identifying a need not yet covered, and 80% by the desire to make a difference, and 40% for visibility. Money plays a minor role.

60% say that the main obstacle is non-availability of public data. Costs and business models instead are mentioned by a minority (18% and 29%). About one-third mentions lack of interest by the public as a problem.

Government attitude has generally been indifferent (50%). Only 18% defines it as supportive. None however defines it “hostile”.

Finally, the profile. 85% men; 94% with university degree (29% with Phd); 87% between 25-44 years old; half employed and half self-employed.

I found these results very insightful. They are available as open data here.

If you are a developer, please fill the survey so that we can have a more accurate picture. You have time until the end of October.