In a previous post I suggested indicators for evaluation of online engagement initiatives. So here I apply the proposed framework to the Gdansk Roadmap initiative.

The proposed indicators were:

  1. Avoid technical hiccups: number of complaints; degree of innovation (from mature to world first implementation)
  2. Ensure takeup: number of contributions, number of contributors
  3. No spam: number of spam comments
  4. Ensure high quality content: % of contributions judged as useful; % of new contributors (previously not engaged)

So the application to the roadmap says:

1) no technical hiccups at all, the application worked perfectly. It is a very consolidated application provided as-a-service, which basically requested only editing of a single webpage. No complaints about the platform were received. Only 2 comments were received via e-mail. And it was a real innovation: for the first time in EC consultations, comments were visible for all to read (many-to-many approach) and the commentable document was federated across website.

2) participation was good , albeit not great. 174 comments were received from 37 contributors. This is a good result considering the context: EU eInclusion policy is not the sexiest topic on the web.

3) no spam at all was received, only one comment mentioning to include Bosnia (?). Moderation was ex-post but there was simply no need for moderation.

4) I don’t know about the quality of the comment, I need to get feedback from the client and you can check for yourself. But I can say that the final roadmap was substantially changed and enhanced following the comments. See below the two world clouds.

Do you agree with this assessment?

Wordle of original roadmap text

Wordle of roadmap with comments