Many of the Open Data initiatives appearing all over Europe ask citizens about what datasets they would like to be made public.

In my work as a consultant, I would like to have 2 datasets which would highly benefit the effectiveness of my work.

First, each survey done for government should release anonymised data for free. The EC, as many governments, carries out plenty of policy related studies. Why cant we have, as a default, the raw data from these survey available? I am not referring to official statistics, but to ad hoc surveys. For example, can we have the datasets from this study on innovative SMEs in Europe?

Secondly, I would benefit from web statistics about government tenders/funding. It would be very simple to publish, beside every call for tender, data on how many the tender/funding information has been downloaded. This would give some information about the potential number of competitors, and thereby orient the decision on which tender to invest.

These are useful datasets for me, but also for any consultancy to have. They would improve the overall effectiveness of the system.

Also, they demonstrate that there can be no rigid definition of Public Sector Information, as datasets are continuously generated from unexpected sources (such as web access data).