Just when I had written a good punchline stating that “gov20 applications are not much more used than traditional
e-government services”, here comes PEW with unbelievable survey results. It’s worth quoting:

Government agencies have begun to open up their data to the public, and a surprisingly large number of citizens are showing interest. Some 40% of adult internet users have gone online for raw data about government spending and activities. This includes anyone who has done at least one of the following: look online to see how federal stimulus money is being spent (23% of internet users have done this); read or download the text of legislation (22%); visit a site such as data.gov that provides access to government data (16%); or look online to see who is contributing to the campaigns of their elected officials (14%).

This is UNBELIEVABLE. This could be a game changer. Gov20 is not only for geeks and wonks.
Yet I have doubts. This might apply only to the US. Or more realistically, the results might be flawed – they come from a trusted source, but it’s a survey.
So I repeat a pledge that I have often made: Mr Kundra, please make log data of government websites public. There we would see how many people access the website. It only make sense that all gov20 advocate release usage data of their websites!