As part of the co-design effort we launched for my speech at ForumPA, I am using Google Moderator to collect questions. I will speak for 1 1/2 hour so I want to be sure that I address the issues which matter most to the participants. My main starting point is the idea of “innovation without permission”.

My idea is this: imagine you have all the smartest gov20 people together ready to answer any question you have. People like Vivek Kundra, Tom Steinberg, Ellen Miller, Andrea di Maio, Tim O’Reilly, Tom Watson and more. What would you ask? Now I don’t possess all their knowledge, but I can look for answers while preparing the speech.

The first important question was asked by Alberto in a comment to my previous post: if we all agree on gov20, why it’s not happening (at least in Italy)?

So please go on the platform and ask good questions about gov20 – even if you don’t make it to ForumPA (Questions are automatically translated). Deadline 30th April.
Below a short video interview (in Italian).