I am flattered to be invited to give a Lectio Magistralis at Forum PA on May 19th, the main Italian event on public innovation.
I am actually slightly ashamed, because of the other people invited to give the “Lectio” are Amartya Sen (yes, you read well) and Irene Tinagli, an Italian scholar who collaborated with Richard Florida.
Because it’s important, I would like to prepare it well and make sure that I meet the expectations of the people who will be there. So I thought: let’s co-design it! I will write my line of thinking, and I ask you to provide feedback and comments (whether you will actually be there or not).
At the moment, the things I would like to talk about are:
– gov20 is part of a wider change, related to ex-post world: complex/liquid society, serendipity, design thinking
– there are excessive expectations about participation: we have always assume people don’t want to participate. Gov20 is very important and impactful but not because we crowdsource government – we augment it
– what are concrete actions that we can do: working on skills; the example of prizes such as INCA, other inspiring examples from Obama administration
– what concrete actions government should avoid: using robot.txt, regulating public internet access…

What else should I focus on?