I am very interested in bringing together different research streams on complexity, postmodernity, design thinking, new innovation models and web 2.0. Working on this, but this is all still up in the air.
Here I would simply to point to an association of ideas. I see a pattern in many of today’s trends, in that they try to govern complexity by adopting a soft control and steering ex-post, rather than rigid planning ex-ante.
There are 2 convergent trends behind this:
– reduction in costs for developing products and services, which makes it possible to “try it out”
– recognition of the complexity and unpredictability of society

 Here are some common buzzwords that reflect this ex post approach:
– Shirky’s “publish then filter” approach
perpetual beta
liquid modernity
innovation without permission
fail fast, fail cheap
learning by doing
information flows not stocks
design thinking, prototypes, tinkering

This has deep implications for policy. We need ex post policy for an ex post society.
– awards-based schemes such as INCA and AppsforDemocracy. Give funding to the innovative products, not to the innovative proposals.
– multi-stage funding. A small grant at the beginning to develop the prototype, then a second stage funding based on the concrete results.

I know this is confused, but if someones is also interested on these topic, would be great to chat.