We are partner of the Crossroad project, funded by the European Commission to build a research roadmap for governance and policy modeling (including government 2.0).
In the project, we are mapping the different research activities in this field and providing guidelines for future research that the European Commission should fund. We start from the State of the Art, and we try to outline the future developments of government 2.0 and related topic.

In order to draw on the maximum range of ideas, Crossroad just launched a call for contributions, where we ask to provide a short paper on the state of the art of a related field and on future research needs. Deadline is february 25th. The best papers’ authors will be included in the Scientific Committee, rewarded with a lump sum of 2500 Euros.
I am a big fan of such kind of competitions , as they are able to reach out to the real innovators and raise unexpected insight. As I said in a previous post, all too often government funding goes to the “usual suspects”, a self-referential circle of people very knowledgeable about the government way of thinking, rather than of the topic.

The EU would gain immensely from input and contribution by a wide range of gov20 innovators. And the innovators would benefit from influencing EU research funding and make it more in line with state-of-the-art development. To give you an idea, the latest biennial programme devoted 14 M Euros to this research field.

So here is the call. Go ahead, write a short paper on your preferred topic, highlighting WHAT research is needed and WHY. Deadline is february 25th.

Yo can also discuss the issue on the Linkedin group

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