In the last months, I have been helping the EC DG Entreprise in improving their blog in relation to innovation policies. The EC is launching a new European innovation strategy this year and they fully understand that the key point is about doing things differently, in a more open way.
The EC already has blogs, but they are mostly institutional blog by Commissioners. This blog instead is the first where actual civil servants directly write. They use it as a lateral conversation alongside their official workshops, studies and consultation.
It’s a small change, but I really like the genuine attitude. On top of that, it has been very interesting to understand the internal working of the government when it comes to blogs and platforms.
Please have a look at it and provide your views. For example, there is a good post on public procurement for innovation where I am sure the gov20 community can contribute.

UPDATE: I’ve had comments pointing to the fact that it’s not the first, as for example Representation officed have many. It’s not important being “first” , the substantial novelty here is that these are “normal” civil servants, whose primary job is not communication.