I am working quite a bit for the European Commission on defining the research priorities in the field of ICT for governance and policy modeling. This includes what we call government 2.0, but also harder concepts such as policy modeling (agent-based modeling, forecasting).

(Note: research funding is one of the few ways the EC can stimulate eGovernment, as it has no competence on this. i know we all think innovation is government is about implementation and not research, but we here deal with research policies.)

First, I am working on the Crossroad project, which aims to define the agenda for research in this field for the next 5 years. It’s a great challenge, I worked a lot to get the project out and I will dedicate a lot of my time to it.

It is not easy: we need to reach out to the academic, industry but also to the practitioners in order to get a shared vision on where we want to get and how we can get there. And we don’t have to identify the current best ideas to be implemented, but we really have to make a futuristic leap: what kind of collaborative governance can we envisage for 2020 and what are the new IT applications that we have to create in order to get there.

I obviously will reach out to the community for key ideas. However I put a lot of trasnparency on this project, so you will be able to follow it from the outside.

Secondly, tomorrow I am invited to speak at the consultation workshop where the key priorities for research funding 2010-2011 on the topic of governance and policy modeling will be discussed. To give you an idea, in the previous 2 years the total funding was about 15 millions Euros.

So here is my presentation. I am not sure I am allowed to publish it, let’s see what happens. I only have a few minutes, so I decided to focus on augmented reality and visual analytics, two topics I am fascinated about.

Please let me know: what research should government fund on government 2.0? not only in terms of IT, but in general.