At the EUPS20 workshop, we concluded that we want to engage in the definition of the next EU ICT strategy, following i2010. We feel that government strategies are still detached from how innovation happens today in the web. At the same time we are not happy with just showing off cool web2.0 initiative and complaining about the government approach to IT innovation: it’s time to give constructive inputs to government strategies.
In particular, the EU governments will meet in Malmo in November 2009 and they will agree on a common ministerial declaration, as they do every two years, which will define the policy priorities in Europe for the next three years. It’s necessary and urgent to engage in this process and give constructive input into this process by leveraging collective intelligence.
Therefore, we launched a platform to build collaboratively an Open Declaration on Public Services 2.0
Let’s bring collective intelligence to work. Please contribute with your ideas and recommendations!

We are hopeful that if we come out with good quality of input and quantity of participants, the declaration will be officially presented at the Malmo conference.

I would be grateful if you could disseminate this initiative through your blogs. We need a step-change in e-government policies and it’s our responsibility to make it happen.