We live in a time of change, we are looking for new frameworks to express the deep change we’re living.
I see a growing trend towards the collective definition of values through manifestos, maybe related to the Cluetrain manifesto. For me it shows we have a deep intuition of a change and we’re trying to codify it.
Off the top of my mind, I can mention the Development 2.0 manifesto, the open data principles, the W3C document on open government data, and Alorza’s plea for making manifestos out of the workshop.
It is clear that manifestos are not the goal, but a tool to nail down the conversation into something concrete, avoiding the buzzwords and empty talks.
And this was exactly the spirit of the workshop we organized at iMinds , where research organisations from all over Europe spelled out a new common vision for ICT innovation policies in Europe, as a contribution to the renewed i2010. The Ghent declaration is available here.