I would like to bring together 3 key projects around the US stimulus bill that taken together illustrate a possible new paradigm in government.

Stimulus Watch: Keeping an Eye on Economic Recovery Spending This is a bottom-up project that aim at making public expenditure more intelligent by applying citizens analysis to proposals for funding

ReadTheStimulus.org bottom-up initiative to crowdsource the reading of the full stimulus bill (1588 pages) using the open source principle (many eyes). I am a big fan of commenting/mark-up tools for policy review, now becoming quite common. Good overview of available tools here , and the writetoreply project

RSS Hits the Big Time (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought) The US government requires agencies to publish all stimulus bill expenditure data as structured RSS

I am sure there are other interesting initiative related to the bill. Will follow it closely as it seems the policy issue where lots of government 2.0 initiative are converging. Small pieces which together build a new vision of government 2.0

UPDATE: I made a fundamental omission. We’re not talking RSS only. We talk about API, linked data, RDFa and more. Is this the ideal format of government data?