So we had the workshop on public services 2.0. It is impossible to summarize the energy and participation and inspiration and… I ambitiously think the atmosphere was similar to a Social Innovation Camp, or a Kublai Camp, although in a more policy-oriented context.
The quality and quantity of content was very good. I think this will become a repository of ideas for future times. Luckily, nearly everything is captured on our pageflakes page, including twitter messages, blog posts, presentation, fotos and video recordings.

Here are some random thoughts that emerge:
– the gap between web2.0 and EC was very clear and evident. Here we had the hacker spirit meeting the European Commission and EU governments. It was totally different with traditional European workshop. A necessary breath of fresh air. The EC people did not react defensively at all. They were genuinely interested, despite some very frank talks by the speakers. A lot of EC people in the room, and very senior people remained the whole day in the workshop – very rare. Raising awareness: objective met!
– sharing of practice very much happened. Between bottom up projects and between governments. I remember, for example, a great conversation over dinner on if and how can civil servant blog, in different countries. Sharing experiences: objective met!
– the division between micro, meso and macro was very effective and is an effective framing of the policy debate. The meso-level is original and crucial, as Alberto points out.
– remote participation rocked. Lots of people following audio video and quality was great (thanks Gavin and Gallomanor).
– Twitter deserves a special mention. A first for an EC workshop. Unbelievable participation. #eups20 was one of the top 10 issues on twitter worldwide. Yes, this is not a typo.

Overall, the workshop reflected fully the web2.0 spirit. Organised with passion, no money, in 1 1/2 month. It brought together great people, on the same wavelength despite the fact they did not know each other. Generate awareness and new ideas.
Next steps: try to make EU policies more web2.0 like. Starting from i2010 strategy which is being reviewed after 15th May. To collaborate, we keep on using eups20 as a tag in all our content. i will write more on that soon.

We’re drafting the report and would very much like your help, in the spirit of crowdsourcing. So please go on our shared document and write down one or two sentences that you will remember about this workshop. Even if you didn’t make it to Brussels, you can watch the videos on pageflakes and write down things you remember.

Sorry for leaving so many important and interesting things out. I would need too much time so I prefer to scribble something now and leave more ponderated thoughts for the report.

What do you think? Am I overly enthusiastic?