One of the reasons I decided to have my own company is to do things I really like.
And after the worskhop on public services 2.0, I’m happy to announce the launch of the INCA competition, which I helped to organize for IBBT, the Flemish research agency for applied ICT. They presented the initiative at the recent workshop on public services 2.0.
The basic question is: why are the example of public services 2.0 we mention only from US and UK? can we promote bottom up initiative like MySociety’s in continental Europe? Let’s encourage developers to do “stuff that matters”, as Tim O’Reilly says.
So the competition is now launched. Developers from all over Europe can participate, although the application must be usable in Flanders. Deadline 27th April, total award 20K Euros.
Hope to have applications from other countries as well!

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