There is a brilliant anecdote coming from Italy – unfortunately this happens too often.
An MP has made the usual law proposal for regulating the Internet, aiming at abolishing anonimity. Nothing original, I recently listened to a Member of the European Parliament proposing the same thing.
The argument is of course about protecting children from pedophiles.
What is interesting and oh so very italian is that the MP’s proposal, published as MS Word (!) on her website, clearly indicates as author the president of the DVD production association. The proposal has been completely WRITTEN by industry and passed on to the MP for proposal. See screencap here.
Of course this is nothing new, but what a beautiful anecdote to expose the real issues behind the debate.
Sadly for Italy, it didnt seem to create a big scandal. You cannot even find the news on top of Italy’s newspaper.
Hat tip to the Italian blogosphere for the discovery.

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