My target for today is the attribute “cool” (perhaps as my kids use it all the time). And lots of web 2.0 projects in public services are cool.
I would like, in the workshop, to go beyond the cool effect, which is too often mentioned as a key attribute of web2.0 projects. I would like to have projects discuss the sustainability, the take-up, in other words the weight of web 2.0.
I would like to showcase projects that are both hacking and delivering.
Luckily, there are many. This is what is most impressive about Sunlight, Mysociety, but also less known initiatives like the Kublai project in Italy. They are not just cool, they are professional and well managed. Which is more difficult than building cool tools and having ideas.
It’s the old saying of Edison: success is 90% perspiration, 10% inspiration.
Now maybe inspiration is more than 10%, but still nothing without professionalism and commitment.

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