I am working on a strategy for the information society in a region, which is interesting because it is like a “god-simulator” game – very stimulating but so wide you can easily get lost.
While working on this I realize that there is a switch going on in information society policy. In the years 2000-2006 (the previous “programming period” of EU regional policy) the emphasis was on widening the approach from a narrow infrastructural policy to a service-centred policy.
We now see a second change, from a supply driven policy (on both infrastructure and services) to a demand driven policy. Whether you talk about business, citizens or government, the emphasis is on applying ICT to solve real-life problems. This also corresponds to a wider socio-technical change of paradigm: in Perez’s theory of installation and deployment of technology, the age of installation is led by supply, while  deployment is led by demand.
Here is how I visualized it.

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