I have been dealing with the commandments of web2.0 in previous posts, as I really like the idea.
The first one by alorza was:
“you, government, should not build web2.0 applications in vain”.

Now I read that a report by the Socitm (society of local government
CIOs in the UK) recommends that :

Senior public sector managers must overcome their status as ‘digital immigrants’ and embrace Web 2.0 says new report from Socitm Insight – and should overcome their natural scepticism about Web 2.0

The report is not public (not very web2.0) so I didn;t check the source, but I think this is the wrong approach.
EMBRACE is NOT what civil servants should do. Experiment, try, but not EMBRACE. Some skepticism is absolutely justified. We have no clear evidence that web2.0 is definitely positive.
And it’s late! You can have this kind of hype at the beginning of a trend, not after 4 years!

So I have an instinctive rejection for this kind of messages. What do you think?

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