Maybe you know BlogRovR. It’s a firefox plugin that scans the blog you read and shows entries related to pages you are browsing. So if you are checking websites about your dog’s health is shows you while you browse new articles on the same topic. This idea builds on that.

It’s designed as a context-awareness tool to enhance the relevance of participation, and lower the costs.

The platform could interact with what I am doing, in the way BlogRovR does. If I search for something, or read an article, it would suggest me law proposals or policy documents which have the same keywords to the article I am reading.
It could be composed of two parts, front end and back end: one for citizens, on for public administration.
For citizens, it will be a firefox plugin which scans the pages I browse and maps the words i look for.
For administration, it could be a tool for publishing in a standardised format policy documents, made available for all public administration in europe. Or it could just be RSS feeds.
It could be proactively done by the public administration, or better it would be a tool where information can be grabbed from public administration websites by other citizens (maybe through geo-referencing of the original website).
The service would work like this. The citizen will just configure on his computer its country/region/municipality, and/or proactively subscribe to the feed / add websites of the public administration he’s interested on. Then, while browsing the internet for his own interest, the software will propose relevant policy documents / decision/ information extracted by public administration websites.
An additional algorythm could help filtering this information according to what other people visiting the same websites have been engaged in.

The same link could be done not with public admininstration websites, but with public engagement websites, such as pledgebank. So you could be proposed to join voluntary causes relevant to the websites you are visiting.

On the citizens side, this could be greatly enhanced by mobility devices and location services (again, to make participation more relevant). So you could be proposed on your mobile with issues relevant to the location you are in. This idea was proposed by my former colleague Yves Punie.

Then of course it will have to respect privacy. This means for example that data should be stored locally – but I havent thought deeply about this yet.

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