Let’s look at this from a technology tools perspective.
My goal is to separate work and private life.
So my iCalendar has two calendars, work and home. Actually three with the dopplr travel accounts.
Also I prefer to use facebook for personal contacts, and Linkedin for business contact. Plus, I am now a bit strict about friends in facebook, as I want to use it to keep in touch with friends all over the world.
This enables me to post “status updates” for work and private life separately.
But then there is Twitter, which you can use for both. Actually you could build two accounts, one for private and one for work. But then I see my twitter contacts mix work and private life in their posts.

My question is: am I resisting an inevitable change? is it possible to mantain a separation?

If not, many people like me will resist this and possibly stop using social tools altogether. As Lee Bryant often says, now web2.0 is not about sharing with everybody, but about intimate context. But how to combine the extreme usability of social software with profiling of different contexts?

That’s why I like RSS so much. It enables you to bring all contexts together, at the end.