Because of a new project I went back to the OECD report “eGovernment for better goverment”.
As often happens with good books, I found ideas which now resonate very well with what I wrote on a new vision for eGovernment.

“better government is a matter of optimising the “e” in government to ensure that it is properly integrated into the mainstream efforts to improve government”

This resonates well with the “vision” of eGovernment providing transparent and reusable data, as these reinforce the existing drivers for government transformation (“efforts to improve government”). In my paper (sorry to quote myself):

transparency, which enhances accountability and choice, can be a powerful driver, a catalyst and a flagship for “transformational government”, rather than for “eGovernment” only.

So we can “sell” the vision of eGov 2.0 using the OECD argument.