Following a previous post about efficiency and effectiveness, I found this interesting post by the guru of enterprise2.0, Andrew McAfee
He stresses how web2 can help reducing e-mail and interruptions – then he shows a quite good visualization.
He also points out that
“This only works, though, if everyone on the project agrees to use the 2.0 project management tools; if the boss still wants everything emailed to her and continues to use email for her updates, Enterprise 2.0 becomes above the flow rather than in it, and so likely increases interruptions rather than decreasing them.”
Which of course is the million dollar question when dealing with network technologies. Many good technologies were just not taken up to the critical mass level that made them efficient. And as the same McAfee points out in another post, new solutions have to be 9 times better to be taken up.

Still, I think the key impact is on effectiveness rather than efficiency. This relates to the famous paper of Aral and Brynjolfsson.

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