In Barcelona I attended the IV congress on Internet Law and Politics at Open University of Catalunya.
Highlights: Eben Moglen of Software Freedom Law Center illuminating us on the privacy risks linked to capitalism and technology. Although I was even MORE impressed by the debate visualization sw used to discuss the new revision of GPL. It seems to me VERY effective and interesting also for the discussion on FP7.
Monica Arino of OFCOM gave a very articulated and impressive description of OFCOM approach to regulating the Internet. I think their answer to the review on child protection could be kept as a key reference for government approach towards the Internet. I hope she’ll send the speech to me because it was impressive.
Helen Margetts of OII gave an overview of the status of eGov in the UK. Impressive and surprising to hear her thorough criticism to the almost mythical efforts of the UK government to reduce the number of website.
Two catalan Members of Parliament gave hands-on speeches on how they use blog and the Internet: they really get it.
Ismael blogged about this event at ICTlogy.
Then I met Marta Continente of the Generalitat de Catalunya: she illustrated the nice work done on communities on their websites, and we were very much on the same line on pointing to transparency as killer aspect of web2.0.
Finally I had a great conversation with Alorza, Carlos Guadian, Roc Faces and Agusti Cerrillo. Hope something will come up.
Great to see such a concentration of interesting people in one place. And it’s a time that web2 people have to come together and make critical mass or web2 will just become another passing trend.
Thanks Barcelona, thank UOC!