Just came back from Brussels, Barcelona, Rimini, where I met some nice people/projects.

Brussels: I had the traditional consultation meeting of the EC on the research priorities. I blogged on this before, looking for feedback. Well, David Price of Debategraph commented that post; he learned about the event from this blog; he provided useful information; finally he came to the event in Brussels; and he provided the best presentation of all. So what happened is that by blogging on a public consultation, and reaching out outside the usual audience, much better information/ people was found. Web2 and opening up the process (just a little bit) hugely improved the results of the public consultation: not by ensuring “representative” large scale consultation, but just a little valuable input. This reminds me of the previous post on eDemocracy and mass collaboration: web2 is not about everybody collaborating with everybody (quantitative improvement), but about connecting the most relevant information / people (qualitative improvement). As Tom Steinberg said, it’s about finding the “small cracks in the armour”.

I gave a short presentation which I am not really proud of, but I put it here just in case anyone’s interested.