ePractice is the EU cooperation and exchange platform on eGovernment, eHealth, eInclusion.
I just held this presentation at the ePractice mid-term workshop.
I draw a parallel between open, mashed-up eGovernment and open, mashed-up ePractice.
Main point is that it is difficult for government to make and maintain such a platform when there are so many good tools freely available on the market. Also, you don’t need a platform to ensure collaboration. This links to the concepts of Gartner, and to the conversations with Alorza and Paul Canning
But ePractice could be a good way to include eGov practitioners who are not web2 experts in the collaboration.
I think this is crucial, as too many times the “people who get it” behave like a closed elite and are not engaging with the real world. Indeed, one of the purpose of the report I wrote is exactly to convince non-web2 people about the importance of it.
Here is the presentation.

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