The European Commission (DG INFSO) is holding a consultation event (Brussels, May 28th) on the research needs in the domain “ICT for governance”. The proposed priorities are very related to web2.0 development. If you are interested, e-mail them.

If you can’t go but would like to contribute, let’s discuss it here!
In particular, what innovative ICT tools have been/could be developed for:
– opinion mining, aggregation (I think of BBC white spectrum; the DowJones presidential candidates; debategraph
– visualization (, several tools from Cairns blog, see all my bookmarks here )
– policy modelling (… predictive markets? )
– mass collaborative platform (katrinaList etc…)
– large scale societal simulation (like in secondlife?)

The way I approach this question is: think of state-of-the-art e-projects in this field, and think what innovation could be implemented there.
Look forward to your input!