Forum p.a. is one of the main Italian events on innovation in public administration. This year they launch a competitions to identify the best innovators in the public sector. Deadline is tomorrow.
My former boss Gaudenzio Garavini (Emilia-Romagna Region) is in the competition as well. I voted him already as I really enjoyed working with him back in 2004. He taught me how important it is to avoid the hype, to place innovation in the real-life context of public administration, to channel innovation goals in existing power relationships, and to get things done.

As we know, innovation happens not when new things are invented, but when they are adopted. And in government, this is no easy task. It means governing the complexity and putting pressures on the appropriate levers. And I think this realistic view is crucial if we want to promote better government through web2.0 – if we don’t want this to pass like just another hype.
You can vote here until tomorrow.

Disclaimer: I have no personal interest in this, he was my boss several years ago.